The most powerful, comprehensive LIFE explaining & experiencing program on LIFE! A 3-day residential program designed to create CEO’s of LIFE! Don’t feel victimized by Life, get the Mastery Over You Life Become

The CEO of LIFE ! And Experience the laws of life


Being a CEO of life gives you control over the one thing you CAN control in any situation: yourself. It allows you to move toward your goals with discipline, persistence and focus. It helps you control emotional impulses and make decisions based on rational thinking instead of heightened emotions.

Being a CEO of Life enables you to refuse to settle for mediocrity and are hungry for anything that will give you an edge in life.

CEO of Life teaches you the

  • Law of Wealth & Abundance
  • Law of fulfilling your desires
  • Law of Karma and How it control your destiny
  • Law of why you don’t get what you desire
  • Laws that delay your fulfillment
  • Practical application of Law of attraction
  • Highest Law of life that is Law of energy
  • Laws of Harmonious Relationships
  • Ways to Happiness



1. “।। बंदे बनो ; बंदी नहीं।।”, “Live Liberated or Die to Liberation”. 10th August (Saturday) from 7pm to 9pm @ Shikshak Sadan, KG road, Near Mysore Bank Circle Bangalore. 

2. Sunday Inspiration, Sunday 4th August 2019, 7:30 am to 9:30 am, @ Office of Deepak The Inspiration, Shankar Mutt Road, Chamrajpet, Bangalore.





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