Deepak is an inspiration on the move; guiding, motivating and inspiring thousands of people to transform and enhance their inward and outward life. Deepak’s experience of being a life coach spans over 16 years and is skilled in developing people across the immensely varied human behaviour from the age bracket of 7 to 70 years. This makes him a phenomenon in the field of human development.

His profound knowledge on human nature and people behaviour, allows him to talk on any subject of life with absolute clarity and simplicity, ensuring an individual with least IQ can also follow and understand the same with great effectiveness also his deepest desire to inspire and transform people from all across the country, initiated the birth of “Holy Alexander – Out of the Blue” on 10th August 2014.

His prowess lies in his ability to inspire and lift people to great heights in small timeframes and help them achieve what they never thought they could. Unlike other coaches, Deepak’s programs are more like rock concerts, where not only is his wisdom enlightening, but is also uniquely entertaining. His teachings are raw, and are delivered straight from the heart, which goes straight into the listening hearts.



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Initiatives of Deepak


1. Sunday Inspiration, Sunday 22nd December 2019, 7:30 am to 9:30 am, @ Muscle & Music club, Shankar mutt Road, Chamrajpet, Bangalore.

2. Sunday Inspiration, Sunday 22nd December 2019, 7:30 am to 9:30 am, @ Muscle & Music club,Shankar Mutt Road, Chamrajpet, Bangalore.

3. Business Monks, 22nd – 26th January 2020, @ Maldives.




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