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Today’s youth lives a hectic and pressure filled life. People see a chair and think of it as a piece of furniture….They never appreciate the hard work that has gone behind making it what it is….nor do they sympathize with the tree from which life was torn out with a single stroke of the axe Spirituality helps us find mental peace and contentment.

We learn to be mindful of what we are doing and what we see. While eating a fruit spirituality not only makes us mindful of its taste but also makes us think of the way it became what it is, it makes us see the blossoming tree, the rain, the wind and the sunshine….as well as the farmer’s hard work and the patience and care with which he nurtured the little sapling into a fully grown tree…..

Wandering Monks gives the children a chance to feel connected with anything and everything around them. It helps them find the purpose of their existence.



Wandering Wonders is a 3 days of wonderful journey on wheels designed for YOUNG ADULTS to explore life in its rawest form in nature filled with lots of adventures to overcome their fears, phobias and inhibitions. These 3 days teach them- “dependence is weakness; independence is strength!” Until they don’t become completely artificial, let’s preserve their true nature. Children are true expression of nature and only in the nature their best gets expressed. Wandering Wonders is 3 days of wandering in nature with total adventure on wheels with lifetime of a feel.


1. Sunday Inspiration, Sunday 22nd December 2019, 7:30 am to 9:30 am, @ Muscle & Music club, Shankar mutt Road, Chamrajpet, Bangalore.

2. Sunday Inspiration, Sunday 22nd December 2019, 7:30 am to 9:30 am, @ Muscle & Music club,Shankar Mutt Road, Chamrajpet, Bangalore.

3. Business Monks, 22nd – 26th January 2020, @ Maldives.




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