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Wandering monks for me was all

that I could ask for..... All the beautiful and exclusive places we visited aur uspe Deepak Sir ka saath.... It had to be an awesome never before experience.. so much peace, so much joy, so much fun... What else can one ask for from life? I remember a few things Deepak Sir said at the start of the journey.. Surrender yourself to me.. Forget who u are, what you are... Just observe and absorb... That is what I tried to do for the entire 7days.. Meditating in the Ganges was an heavenly experience. The surprise element of the bike ride brought a wave of excitement and fun... The late night sharing's with the fine touch ups by Deepak Sir was the most enlightening part... Never knew night outs could also be so0000 beautiful.. To sum up, Now my life is more beautiful and happy than ever.... Each sunrise more energetic.. Each sunset more
awesome. Thank u Deepak Sir.

Dr. Manisha (Pune)

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Addoz (clothing brand) Since 4 years Its been a decade with my inspiration Deepak. The way I have grown in all the aspects of my life is simply amazing. In these years of my growth I have learnt how to balance my heart and my mind, my weakness and my strengths, my family n my work. By implementing his teachings I have learnt that its my and only my soul's responsibility to make my life worthy. The biggest turning point of my life happened when I was 3 months pregnant and then Ichose to start my first company and that is only possible because of Deepak as he made me believe that ordinary people only do extraordinary things. My gratitude to Deepak for transforming my life and making  me a role model for many around me.

Rajni Jajodia

(Fashion Designer)

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I started my journey in taekwondo and bodybuilding 2 years back, before that I was man of undirected anger and had nothing great for myself, or self pride and then when my mentor deepak shinde shaped me and gave my anger a direction .my

traine molded me from out and is taught me all that of taekwondo and now I have I have aninternational gold medal for my name and ONE Korean degree in black belt, as a coach
and now I am directing my anger towards bodybuilding. One thing I learnt in my journey is "success is one thing which u cannot own, but it is always available for
rent and u need to pay the rent daily.

Darshan Katariya,

The Kingdom College


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No one in this world is free from problems. We all have our share of good times and difficult times. Difficult times at times can last for long while good times too are punctuated with small-small difficult moments of worries and tensions. Strangely some problems have solutions, a few problems can be resolved only by understanding them, a few difficulties need to be faced with some attitudes & perspectives and of course we need to learn to live with a few problems without getting negatively affected by it as mentioned in our self help books.

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The Banyan Tree Trust is a social arm of Deepak, the inspiration and is purely run by the fraternity of Deepak, the inspiration. The students of Deepak become the trustees for a stipulated time period and execute the responsibilities which is well defined by the trust itself. The Banyan Tree Trust primarily focuses on development of the children of Drivers, Housemaids and Peons who work in different places. The whole idea is born in the perspective as an expression of Deepak's life itself.

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DEEPAK, the inspiration is an unconventional teacher on life who teaches, coaches, guides people through practical experiences; especially through nature. His uncanny ability to relate with nature and to every age & strata of life through his various life changing programs have enabled many to lead successful and happy lives. Nature has always cooperated with him, in turn his pure raw energy as a medium has resolved people's issues in any aspect of life...

'Wandering Monks' is an annual 7-day journey of spiritual adventure, which will take you to some of the most picturesque and transcendental locations. In this incredible journey of self-discovery, we wander like monks and experience complete freedom, by letting go of all negative emotions and worldly concerns. In the midst of nature, you will feel like a nomad, waking up every morning to a new sunrise, new destination and more importantly, a new YOU! All our lives, we tend to wander without a purpose and it’s natural to feel lost. But with 'Wandering Monks', you can wander in complete freedom and feel liberated, without any deadlines to bother you.

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