Choose your path before your path chooses who it wants you to be!

It is no surprise that teenage is one of a most impressionable phases of an individual’s life. Stuck between the innocence of childhood and the realities of adulthood, teenage is also often one of the most stressful phases for a growing youth. Rare, by Deepak the Inspiration, is a program that focuses on self-confidence, positive attitude, communication skill, relationship (interpersonal and intra-personal) skills time management, handling rejection, failures, distraction and many more, specially designed for teenagers.

Created to be delivered and understood in the language spoken by the youth of today in a friendly, approachable and non-instructional way, Rare enables each attendee to see things from a mature perspective while being empowered to grow at their own pace, using their out strengths and unique abilities. Rare, is aimed at making our teens understand how beautiful the stage of life they are at is – how rare it is and how, by cherishing it, they can make the most of these blissful years.

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