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The Banyan Tree Trust is a social arm of Deepak, the inspiration and is purely run by the fraternity of Deepak, the inspiration. The students of Deepak become the trustees for a stipulated time period and execute the responsibilities which is well defined by the trust itself. The Banyan Tree Trust primarily focuses on development of the children of Drivers, Housemaids and Peons who work in different places. The whole idea is born in the perspective as an expression of Deepak's life itself. Deepak is born to a family where his father used to drive and his mother used to be an office assist cum peon and grandmom used to be a maid servant in Mumbai. Deepak strongly believes that, with such a humble background if someone can become like him and live a life like what he is living today, then why not to take this as an expression of gratitude to those less privileged and less exposed people of the society who can benefit from this purpose of The Banyan Tree Trust.

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