Sunday Inspiration

In bi-monthly celebration of life where like-minded people are brought together to celebrate life in its very essence, Sunday Inspiration is an attempt by Deepak to remind us of the little joys of our life, after weeks of hassles and everyday stresses. Through learning, growing, sharing, encouraging, inspiring, motivating, refreshing, recharging, rejuvenating, dancing and enlightening ourselves on various aspects of life in its simplest form, Deepak shows us how we can make joy a way of life in our daily lives: thus, making our lives easier to live and more purposeful.

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CEO of Life program by Sunday Inspiration

  • All the fundamentals of Life, Relationships (Marriage/Parenting), Self-Mastery, Laws of Life & Life itself.
  • Various activities of pranayama for Mental & Emotional Peace and various new processes for achieving
    and maintaining composure
  • Covering every possible aspect of Professional, Entrepreneurial and Business Excellence & Development.