Wandering Monks

A journey into the mystic lap of nature to learn the secrets of life!

Wandering Monks is a journey of self-discovery of seven days and seven nights to reconnect with nature like never before. This journey on wheels enables the attendees to live like nomads rising every morning to a new sunrise, new location, new place and in turn, a new you!

All of us, throughout our lives, have been conditioned to keep wandering like monkeys from here to there and feel lost. What if, for once, we could wander like a Monk: In complete freedom to find ourselves, our future and our God? The monkey within us has got prisoned and locked in this zoo/circus called world, for once can the Monk in us give us that eternal freedom called life, living in God!

Deepak says, “I strongly believe that God is in freedom!” – and true to this notion, he invites you to be a part of a freedom seeking, experiential program to know yourself better. These seven days give you new found freedom from fears and the freedoms of health, wealth, eternal happiness, natural laws of abundance and beyond everything else, the presence of God in your life. In this freedom you can discover the real you and connect with everything around you in a nature based spiritual-adventure!

Shall we wander too?

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