A journey through nature to understand life, for youngsters.

The world of competition affects the youth of today the most, who now live a very hectic life. The pressures of the factors that control their lives effectively robs children of their ability to take in, explore and discover the world in ways many of the adults today once could.

In a simple instance, people see a chair and think of it as a piece of furniture…. However, they never appreciate the hard work that has gone behind making it what it is and nor do they sympathize with the tree from which life was torn out with a single stroke of the axe. This kind of thinking enables Spirituality as individuals and helps us find mental peace and contentment in our lives.

Through spirituality, we learn to be mindful of what we are doing and what we see, hear, touch, taste, smell and feel. This is to say, that while eating a fruit, spirituality not only makes us mindful of its taste but also makes us think of the way it became what it is, it makes us consider the blossoming tree, the rain, the wind and the sunshine as well as the farmer’s hard work, patience and care with which he nurtured the little sapling into a full-grown tree…

Wandering Wonders gives a chance to feel connected with anything and everything around them, the world they live in and discover the joy of experiencing it anew – as a child should. It helps them find the purpose of their existence and think about how everything in the universe is connected and find the right questions to ask themselves and the world.

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